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Summer Camps

Our Hydrous Water Sports Camp is the BEST way for your child or loved one to get out and active this summer!

Hydrous Summer Camps are perfect for kids ages 7-15 who want to get out in the water and learn something new!

Our camps run all summer long!

Monday - Friday


Great for


Most of our Campers from week to week are actually Beginners or First Time Riders. The Hydrous Summer Camps give kids ages 7-15 the opportunity to try out water sports in a fun and controlled environment.

Without the use of expensive boats, our Hydrous Camp Coaches are able to properly teach your child or loved one the correct techniques to get up and ride a Kneeboard or Wakeboard. 

Grunge Texture

Single Day


Monday - Friday

8:30 AM to 11:30 AM

All rentals included.

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Full Week



8:30 AM-11:30 AM

All rentals included. 

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kids CLUB



10AM to 12 PM

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What to expect

All First Time Campers that have NEVER visited either Hydrous location must first have a waiver signed online prior to arrival.

After you arrive and check-in, a Hydrous Camp Coach will then get you fit for your helmet, life vest & wakeboard or kneeboard.

(If you have your own gear please feel free to bring it)

All Campers start out on the Main Cable System for the first 30 Minutes while we wait for everyone to arrive. 

After that we will take a small group to our beginner training lake based on skill and age. Once that group has had some training, we will send the next group over.

10:30am we will OPEN the Aqua Park & let the kids play for 30 minutes to 1 Hour.

11:15am we will start cleaning and picking up rental gear.

11:30am Camp is over.

All First Time & Beginner riders will start on a  Kneeboard before riding a wakeboard on the Main Cable System. The Kneeboard is much easier to ride and master which is why everyone must be able to ride a kneeboard first!

First time Campers

All participants must have a current waiver on file prior to arrival.

If you have been to either Hydrous location before and already have a waiver in our system, you will NOT need to do this again.  

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