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Main Cable

The Hydrous Main Cable is an overhead cable and pulley system driven by an electric motor specifically designed to tow multiple riders around a 5 acre man made lake without the use of expensive boats.

How to Book

The Hydrous Main Cable System runs in 2hr sessions that MUST be Pre-Booked Online in order to reserve your spot.

We only allow a limited number of riders per session, it is very important to reserve your spot ahead of time.

All participants must have a current waiver on file prior to arrival.

If you have been to either Hydrous location before and already have a waiver in our system, you will NOT need to do this again.  

Cable Speeds

12pm - Beginner Session .......(16mph)

  2pm - Novice Session ...........(18mph)

  4pm - Intermediate Session ..(20mph)

  6pm - Advanced Session ......(23mph)

While we "CAN" change the speed of the Main Cable, we generally run the Hydrous Main Cable at a constant speed that is the same for all the riders in that session based on skill level.

During the summer months and on weekends in the spring and fall, we run the cable slower for the earlier sessions and faster for the later sessions. We recommend you book your session based on your skill level.

Summer Session


Age Restrictions

6 years old

All participants 6 years old and under that have never wakeboarded at a cable park or behind a boat, MUST first attend a First Time Lesson BEFORE riding the Main Cable System.

Years old

All participants under the age of 10 years old that have never wakeboarded at a cable park or behind a boat, must first attend a First Time Lesson or Hydrous Summer Camp BEFORE riding the Main Cable System.

10 years
& older

Anyone 10 years old or older is Not required to attend a First Time Lesson or Summer Camp, But it is Highly Encouraged to do so.

First time riders

All First Time & Beginner Riders MUST complete at least 1 Lap on a Kneeboard before riding a wakeboard on the Main Cable System regardless of age.

The Kneeboard is much easier to ride and master which is why everyone must be able to ride a kneeboard first!

 We Highly Recommend all new riders over the age of 10 to book the Beginner Session.

Main Cable

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Beginner Sessions

Our Beginner Sessions are designed for first time and beginner riders who are just learning to ride the Main Cable. 

Beginner sessions run at a much slower speed which greatly helps first time riders get off the dock and make it around the turns.

Beginner Sessions are available Weekends in

Late Spring, Early Fall and all Summer long.

All Rentals are INCLUDED in the

Beginner Sessions!

Per person


Rental Packages


Basic Rentals


Life Vest

Kneeboard or

Beginner Wakeboard



Advanced Rentals


Life Vest

Advanced Wakeboard


Cable Sessions



Cable Session


(NO Rentals)




Cable Session


(BASIC Rentals)




Cable Session


(ADVANCED Rentals)


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Group Rates & Cable Rentals

Main Cable

Small Group

Get a discounted rate for your group on our Main Cable system. 

5 - 20 people

Ages 10+

All Rentals Included


Per Person

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Main Cable

Private Session 2hr rental

Have the Main Cable to you self for a 2 hour Session

All Rentals Included

Ages 8+

1 - 30 People


Per Session

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Full Park Rental


Rent the entire Hydrous park for your large group or corporate party. You will have full access to the entire park (Main Cable & Aqua) for your group for 3 Hours!

All Rentals Included

Up to 100 People

Ages 5+

3hr Private Park Rental


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Ride More! Pay Less!

We are now offering monthly membership plans allowing for unlimited riding at both locations for just one low monthly price!

Check Out our Membership page for more details!

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